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Join Milwaukee's Biggest Coed Touch Football Leagues
Celebrating our 22nd Year of Adult Touch Football
Choose from Weeknight or Saturday leagues for Spring and Fall Seasons
Expansion / New Teams / Free Agents Highly Recommended to Join Saturday Junior Varsity Program
Saturday Leagues Guaranteed to be Split into Junior Varsity and Varsity Play, while Weeknight Leagues Mostly Mixed Level

Day Level Format Locations Area Deadline Start Date Time
SATJunior Varsity Coed 8'sDyer Field +West Side / TosaMarch 30 - OPEN for full team & Individual PlayersApril 1511am-4pm
SATVarsityCoed 8'sDyer field +West Side / TosaMarch 30April 1511am-4pm
WedsJunior Varsity Coed 8'sJuneau High School Field +West Side / TosaMarch 30April 127pm-10pm
ThursJunior Varsity (combined levels for Spring season)Coed 8'sDyer FieldWest Side / TosaMarch 30 - OPEN for full team & Individual PlayersApril 137pm-10pm
ThursVarsity (combined w/ JV)Coed 8'sDyer FieldWest Side / TosaMarch 30April 137pm-10pm

Level Descriptions:

  • Varsity - Higher level of experience and competition. Most returning teams will be placed here.
  • Junior Varsity - Lower level of competitions. Mostly for beginner players and teams, as well as those out to just have fun.


  • Coed - 8 players on the field (5 men, 3 women). Roster of 15+ recommended.
  • Men's - 8 men on field. Roster of 15+ recommended.
  • Teams must provide a sideline referee for another game each week.
    (See schedule for details.)


  • $410 per team plus $12 for each non-MSC member on the roster (player fees).
  • Individual players can join as a "free agent" for $45, non-MSC members add $12.

League Includes:

  • 9 weeks of play (7 weeks of seasonal, 2 weeks of playoffs/consolation).
  • Equipment.
  • Exclusive food and drink specials at local sponsor bar.

Excellent Prizes for League Winners May Include:

  • Team pitcher party at League sponsor bar, or
  • Team championship t-shirts, or
  • Credits towards a future league, or
  • Sometimes, a combination of the above
    (prizes for each league are different and are based on league size, sport, season, etc)
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