Sports F.A.Q.

Q. How soon before a season begins should I sign up for a sport?
A: Information for each season is emailed approximately 6-8 weeks prior to start dates. Often times, that information appears on the website (and on our Twitter and Facebook pages) even earlier. Once the information for a sport has been posted, you may sign up for that sport. Your best bet is to turn your registration in ASAP! Don't wait until the deadline because leagues may already be filled and we may not be able to accommodate your sport, day, or location choice.
Q. How does the priority registration work?
A: Teams involved in the league's immediate previous season have first priority to re-join a sport. Those teams have until the registration deadline to re-register and avoid losing their space. At that time, new teams are allowed in, based on league availability. If space is still limited, then teams with official MSC members have priority over those who are not members.
Q. When is my registration confirmed?
A: The MSC office must receive a complete roster and full payment in order for your team (or yourself) to be confirmed within a league. Rosters received without sufficient payment are placed on hold and do not have a confirmed space.
Q. How do I know if my registration was accepted?
A: After registering, MSC will contact you by email or phone to confirm that your registration is accepted.
Q. Can I register online?
A: Yes! You may register for any upcoming sport league by visiting the Sport Registration page.
Q. Can I register in person?
A: Yes! You may print out a copy of the registration form and bring your it, along with your method of payment, directly to our office (823 E. Kilbourn St). We generally have specific open registration hours prior to a season's start. You may also drop off your registration at the MSC office anytime of day in our 24-hour drop slot. In addition, you may register at particular special events.
Q. I don't have enough people to form a full team, can I still play?
A: Yes! MSC's specialty is compiling teams from individuals signing up on their own. Generally, these "Free Agent" teams are offered for every sport and league. You can even register with up to five of your friends to be on the same team. Just check out the info on individual fees under the sport you wish to play.
Q. When do I receive my season schedule?
A: Team captains and free agents are called or emailed 4-6 days before the leagues start date. At this time, they receive their game time for the first week of play as well as necessary location information. You then receive a full schedule for the season at the first day/night of league play.
Q. What is MSC's refund policy for sports leagues?
A: Milwaukee Social Club can offer refunds for any reason up until the deadline specific to the sport. Once a season begins, no refunds can be given under any circumstance. This is because there would be no way of replacing a team once a league has begun.
Q. What if a league is cancelled?
A: In the rare instance that a league we offer is cancelled, you are of course eligible to a full refund. If you prefer, you may also use your payment towards any other MSC sport league or activity.

Membership F.A.Q.

Q. Are there any restrictions to become a member?
A: The only restriction is that you must be at least 21 years old.
Q. If I join today, does my membership expire at the end of the calendar year?
A: No, your membership is valid for 12 full months (a fiscal year) from the month you officially join.
Q. Where are MSC and its activities located?
A: While the official MSC headquarters is located downtown, all of the activities happen at various locations throughout the city. Many leagues are located around Downtown, the lakefront and the East Side. Events are spread out around the metro area as well.
Q. What is the age range of the membership?
A: Generally, members range in age from 21-45.
Q. Do I need to be single, or are married people allowed to join?
A: MSC is not a singles club, or a dating service. Membership in MSC is open to anyone married or single.
Q. Do I have to be a member to participate in activities?
A: No, however, members can save from $5 - $25 on each activity. In addition, there are occasional leagues and activities which are members-only. Finally, members ALWAYS receive priority registration for any MSC activity.
Q. What is the ratio of men to women in the club?
A: Without specific information, there is generally an even split of 50/50 between men and women.
Q. How can I get a free membership?
A: Complimentary memberships are awarded to those brave and organized individuals who captain a sports team. As long as a completed roster and full payment are received by the registration deadline, then the captain can take advantage of this great offer.
Q. I paid a non-member fee while participating in an MSC league, does that make me a member?
A: No. The non-member fee allows you to play in that particular league for that season only. The non-member fee is incurred on each league, no matter how many you play. Official members can save that $10 per sport, per season by becoming a member.
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